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Our Customer Say

Gta driving school is the best driving school with very good instructors
Howard Chavez​
I passed my g2 in first attempt. Good experience. I was taught good, which helped me get to pass.
Lucas Elliot

Our aim at GTA's best Driving School in Scarborough?

We are the best driving school in Scarborough and while greater toronto area. We focus on your driving and prepare you for the driving tests so that there should be very less chances of failing, that’s why we have a very high percentage of success which is 98%. There are many driving school in Scarborough to choose from but you should choose only the best driving school in scarborough  and we are . Most of our students for G2 need only 8 classes on average to pass who have no experience of driving a car whereas you can learn early as well if you have past experience of driving. For the G licence which is more difficult than G2 it may require a same number of classes as of G2 because now you have well hands on experience on driving, this test contain driving on the highway which can be a little issue for new drivers so you should take enough classes until you feel confident and safe.There is a reason why we are the best driving school in scarborough.


Scarborough is a city of around 700,000 people which is located on the eastern side to the greater toronto area. Our driving school provide driving lessons in various locations and one of our primary location is in Scarborough, and we are the best driving school in scarborough . Finding best driving school in Scarborough is a tough job, but don’t worry we have made it easier. With highly educated and experienced instructors we would take care of you.

What to expect?
By coming to our driving school in scarborough we guarantee 100% satisfaction and we always take feedback from our customers or students whom we have taught, of there is any flaw we try to fix it as soon as possible. That is why we are highly reputable and we are most affordable and best driving school in scarborough. We have one of highest percentage ratio to what are students pass, which is very commendable. We are fully MTO certified with highly professional team.

Our Vehicles GTA driving school in scarborough

At our driving school  we have only the best vehicles. We have automatic vehicles and manual vehicles. Around 90% of our students go for automatic vehicles because they are easier to drive. We have the latest cars, and there are paddles on the driver side as well as on the passenger side, so if you are driving on the road if the driving instructor in Scarborough does not feel safe about your driving or if he sees an accident going to happen he can push the brake, so that is why it is recommended to take classes from a good driving instructor. It also helps in driving road test as the examiner can also feel safe while taking the test.

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Mistakes to avoid while driving?

 There are several minor and major mistakes that new drivers Make, some of they are listed below
• Blind spot check: This is a very common but a big mistake that new drivers make. A question can come to your mind that what is a blindspot? So the answer is they we can clearly see that the spot which is not visible. If there is any vehicle moving with us or a little behind and we are not able to see that vehicle in our mirrors than, now we can say that the vehicle is in blindspot. We should check the blindspot by turning our heads around sideways and look in our windows to check if any vehicle is approaching. If there is any do not change the lane, change only when it is safe.
• Make adequate space: While driving on the road there should be adequate space between the vehicles. It is driver’s responsibility to maintain good amount of distance so that in case of emergency the vehicle can stop in that distance and prevent front collision . There should be atleast a three second gap between the vehicles.
• Check signs: Signs are one of the most important factors that a drive should watch and follow, so they should know what to expect in the coming journey. The signs explain the speed, zone and various other things to follow. Some of the signs are listed below:

Schedule & Payments at GTA driving school in scarborough

At driving school in Scarborough we have the most flexible schedule for our students so if they have other things to do besides just driving they can do that too. We make schedule according to you do you do not have to worry. We will pick and drop you off.

Our payments methods are very easy you can pay us by debit, credit, visa, cash or any other approved payment method. We do not charge upfront, but it can be charged for the booking, these are very flexible payment methods.