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Gta driving school is the best driving school with very good instructors
Howard Chavez​
I passed my g2 in first attempt. Good experience. I was taught good, which helped me get to pass.
Lucas Elliot

Our aim at GTA Driving School in Toronto?

Our aim at GTA driving school in toronto is to provide excellent services in the field of driving and creating the best drivers, which will make our more safer to live. Our driving school in toronto ‘s focus is to make you a confident and safe driver with obeying all driving rules and regulations. We have seen drivers not taking and skipping classes which leads to poor driving skills, which are not good for the whole society.

We Transform Driving Your Goal to Reality

Toronto is the fastest growing city in whole Canada with population more than 3 million. 

As new and new people are coming to Canada and people who are citizens have to get driving licence as it is very important, also considered as a must have thing to ones well being. 

There are a lot of driving school in Toronto which provide you with the training but we are best at it.

 We are the fastest growing driving school in Toronto and also we are the most affordable driving school with our road classes starting from just $35 whereas there are many driving school in toronto who are charging more than us whether it is of individual classes or it is of car required for driving test.

What to expect at GTA driving school in toronto

You can expect the expertise which we will provide you at driving school in toronto. As our instructors are MTO certified trainers, so you do not have to worry about the quality which would be provided to you driving school in toronto. Our classes are mostly of
1 hour which are always flexible to your schedule, so you do not have to compromise with your daily activities. Most of our students who do not have any part knowledge and experience of driving requires about 8 road classes, so that they have good chances of passing their road tests. 

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Things you should consider while and before driving and choosing a driving school in toronto?

There are a lot of thing a person must care for while driving one of the basic mistakes people do is not wearing the seat belt, sounds silly , not it just sounds silly but it’s actually true. 

From a recent study it was concluded that around 12% of the drivers were found.

Checking blind spot: Not checking blind spot is another common mistake made by new drivers. The first question comes is that what actually is a blindspot, as it is clear from the name the spot we cannot see when facing towards the front of the car, the blindspot vehicle is typically considered as the vehicle moving next to our vehicle and we cannot see that vehicle in the mirror, so we have to check the blindspot by moving our head and looking if there is any vehicle approaching or not.

Proper application of indicators: While driving and parking car it is very important to apply the proper indicators of the vehicle so that the traffic near and behind you know the next moves of your vehicle.

There are many accidents which happen due to this silly mistake, the actual aspect is that it is considered and the one of the most important things to consider while driving.

Now comes the question of choosing a driving school in toronto, which is a difficult task, but at GTA driving school in toronto we make your job easy, you do not have to look further for a driving school in toronto just call us now. We are the most affordable driving school in toronto.

Procedure of getting a driver's licence:

• A person has to go through several test whether they are on road or theory based.

First come is the G1, which is the most basic and only theory test that a person has to give. There are a total of 2 sets of questions that a person has to answer and the passing score of these tests is 80%.

Both the sets contain 20 questions reach and in order to pass these tests a person has to get atleast 16 answers correct in each of the tests.
• After giving the G1 theory test a person prepares for the road test which is called the G2, in which a person has to drive a car and has follow all the rules and regulations of driving, at our driving school in toronto we teach you everything.

This is the basic road test and an driving instructor from the drive test centre sits with the person whose is going through the test, the person driving the car had to ensure the driving instructor that he is a safe and confident driver. First the you will be asked to take your car out of the parking and go on the street and you may be asked to emergency park the vehicle, the emergency parking should be safe and proper.

There is not highway driving involved in this test, that is why the passing ratio is higher than the other test.
• When a person has completed G1 or/and G2 he is eligible for applying full drivers license which is called G. G has more advanced road test because it includes the highway and it is usually longer road test that can last from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

The driving in G test is observed more carefully, so it is an advice that you should be fully prepared before going to the test.
Some rules and aspects to follow as a driver: There are a lot of rules a driver must follow, some of the rules are listed below:
• Checking levels: Checking the engine oil level is very important before you drive the car, it is not mentioned anywhere that you have to check they levels or no but in order to maintain a good car it is very important to remember this.

If the engine oil level is low from the marker you should top it up and if it has been a lot of time since the last oil change, you should change your oil otherwise your engine can be damaged.
Checking the coolant level is also the same important as checking the engine oil level.

A driver should make the coolant level stable and change it after atleast a year because the coolant is used for cooling down the engine unless otherwise your engine can heart up and the engine of the car can be busted.
• Checking Tire pressure: Most of the new vehicles have the sensors to sense the tire pressure and the older cars do not have.

Whether there are sensors or not we should physically check the pressure of the tires of the cars, so that we can have a safe ride and prevent accidents.
• Checking road signs: